After your plane crashes you end up in a strange town. Can you figure out their strange language starting with no knowledge about it? No translations, no dictionaries, just people talking.

Carefully read what the villagers are saying. Look for repeating words and how and when they are used.

It's recommended you use a noteblock of some sort to write down the words you learn along the way.

Winner of Ludum Dare #45

Learn Esperanto with Lost in Translation: Esperanto!


Lost in Translation (Windows) 17 MB
Lost in Translation (OSX) 19 MB
LÖVE file (Linux) 13 MB
Lost in Translation - Esperanto 17 MB
Lost in Translation - Esperanto (Linux) 13 MB


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Amazing idea. I would play a longer game with a similar idea. It would be awesome to start not understanding anything, and in the end communicate with characters fluently.

I just ended the Esperanto version. I love it! Danko!

10/10 Such a great idea!!!

so cool and fun


It was so cool to play. Thank you very much. What a great game !!!! During 15m I thought I was a linguist ;)

one bug, delete ç =


Dit is balen, blijkbaar zat er nog een fout in het spel.
Maar geen zorgen, je progressie is opgeslagen!
Je moet het wel opnieuw opstarten :(
Als het blijft gebeuren, stuur de error hieronder dan even naar Sheep, die gaat dat dan fixen.


scripts/base/text.lua:141: UTF-8 decoding error: Invalid UTF-8


scripts/base/error.lua:47: in function 'handler'
[C]: in function 'getWrap'
scripts/base/text.lua:141: in function 'getWrap'
scripts/base/text.lua:67: in function 'print'
scripts/base/text.lua:54: in function 'drawImage'
scripts/base/sprite.lua:105: in function 'draw'
scripts/dialogue.lua:75: in function <scripts/dialogue.lua:72>
scripts/libs/buddies.lua:44: in function 'draw'
scripts/base/scene.lua:86: in function 'draw'
scripts/game/state.lua:24: in function 'draw'
main.lua:197: in function 'draw'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Fixed, thanks for letting me know!

(3 edits) (+1)

great game! I had tons of fun playing it and figuring out the language as i progressed. Very creative idea and I hope you build on it more! 

p.s I was wondering if you could put a list or something showing all the words and what they mean. I beat the game but it's driving me crazy that i can't figure out certain words like "astik" or "vrodep"...

I don't feel like giving out a full list, to prevent new players from getting tempted to cheat, but I'll give you those two words.


This was such a fun game! Hope you decide to make it longer, I could play it for hours.


Pu disul "Lost in translation" :)

(in case I misunderstood the game's language I'll clarify - I meant to say "I like "Lost in translation"" )



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Fun game, took me a while to finally get all the clues. But it can be done, just be patience. The game will take about 10 minutes.

You will need latest version of LOVE, default version on Ubuntu repo is too old (0.9)

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This game is super fun and the concept is especially interesting. The feeling as you successfully find out the meaning of each word is indescribable.

The difficulty of the game is also well balanced (not that hard but not that easy too)(I beat the game in 20 minutes).

In conclusion a good, fun puzzle game!

Neat game! BTW, I needed to install the newest version of LÖVE to get it to run.