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A man lost both his legs in a freak accident! To afford expensive foot surgery, he’ll need a big bag of money… Luckily, he finds an advertisement for a well-paying job opening!


Arrow Keys = Change direction
Space = Interact


  • The game starts after you’ve talked to all 3 crewmates + parrot.
  • You can climb the rope behind the mast.
  • Make sure not to forget to feed the parrot!

Art by Shores
Programming by Sheepolution
Music by Whiskeyclone (not made for this game)


Windows 6 MB
Mac OS 9 MB
Captain Peggles.love 4 MB


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This was super fun! Loved the typing to move mechanic. Very cute! Music was also fantastic and really set the scene.


This was really entertaining, especially the breaking the fourth wall bit with the mention of 'game time.' The only thing is I was hoping for a bit more of an ending scene. Maybe that's my punishment for completely forgetting to feed the parrot though...


Nice game. Art is sick. Makes me grin to see my music in a game :)


This game is great! I love the animations and the dithered style. Totally fun.

And I’m sorry I let that parrot starve that one time.