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I can't get the game to focus.  Stuck on the title screen where it says press Enter, but pressing Enter doesn't work.  Very nice music though

EDIT: nvm it just started working somehow.  Got 17, love the elegant design and fun gameplay!

better than karlson

not lazy at all. feels like snake with more strategy!

Really fun, nice work!

it was too slow to controll on my quite competent macbook



sometimes laggy on my potato chromebook, but amazing game

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uh i think it broke my snake was at 3 and i ate every dot and nothing happend.. and there was no snakes only mine


i liked this


This is like an advanced version of the Original snake it brings a new element of challenge to the game it's like the original snake is checkers and this is chess. 


This is a really cool idea, and I love the minimal style and execution. Awesome, and really addictive



Cool! Thank you for playing, and thank you so much for the video! ๐Ÿ˜

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This is a really cool concept! Simple, but fun. It's also still challenging enough to keep wanting a retry.


 Really cool idea, love the style!


Interesting concept! Well executed!