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I love it <3

Hi, I would like to cover this game on my channel, are you ok with let's plays and monetizing the videos of your games on YouTube?

Yeah sure, go ahead!

Thank you!

I get an error when I touch the "button stick" on the second level:

  • error:
  • line 140: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
  • traceback:
  • line 140: in Spr_draw()
  • line 2229: in Stc_draw()
  • line 1009: in ?

This is on Linux.

Didn't happen the second time I tried it though.

Thanks, I'll try looking for the cause. By the way, an error can sometimes be fixed by simply pressing escape.

Thanks for the tip, but Escape only seems to bring up some kind of debug console or something for me. Not even sure how to quit the game properly.